Principles of Matching

By Jim and Hiromi Stephens
Copyright December, 2015

Portion of Responsibility of others

Everyone would want to participate

What about other people in the extended family and community? What is their portion of responsibility? What about the Grandparents and siblings of a candidate?

In God’s original design, all adults would have reached the level of maturity similar to Jesus. Therefore all the aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors, and especially the grandparents would be great matching advisors. All of them would have personal networks of hundreds of people. All of them would be deeply connected to God. Therefore the pool of candidates would be rather large.

Restoration has challenges

In restoration however, we have a more challenging course to find prospects. It is therefore important to create a team of people who can support the matching process with prayers and searching.

Use available resources

A website of candidates is one of the best resources.

A matching team can meet together and go through available candidates and narrow down the field and help organize and prioritize the process.

Contacts and friends who have more experience with matching can be called upon to share their experiences and suggestions.

Everyone wants to see young happy and loving couples. It brings hope and encouragement to everyone. It’s a great good to the whole community. Everyone would be inspired to be abel to contribute to the process.

Clearly, it would bring great joy to God as well. Creating new couples is one of the things closest to His heart.

Please read through the Matching Handbook for more practical guidance and also check out the list of resources on the website.