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Multiplying Holy Handkerchief, Holy Salt, Holy Water, & Holy Wine

1. Clean and Holy Salt room, new handkerchiefs, and bowl. Prepare a place to hang handkerchiefs afterwards to dry.

2. Put Holy Wine in the bowl (If you have to do many you might like to use a spray bottle).

3. Pray “Heavenly Father, turn these Handkerchiefs into Holy Handkerchiefs for wiping to purify the body externally for the 3 Day Ceremony. This I report in the name of the (family name) Blessed Central Family.” Note: If the person praying has not received the Blessing ceremony, it is suggested he/she would then pray in the name of the Three Kingships.

4. Unfold the handkerchiefs, dip them in Holy Wine 1 at a time, squish lightly, and hang to dry.

5. Fold the handkerchiefs to store, but do not write names on them.

1. Obtain the seed Holy Salt.

2. New salt needs to be purchased. Take a few grains of the seed Holy Salt and sprinkle on the newly purchased salt package or carton as soon as possible upon purchase.

3. Clean the environment to be used to multiply the Holy Salt. It is suggested to use a sheet of paper on a table or on the floor on which one mixes the salt piles.

4. Make one pile with the seed Holy Salt and make seven identical size piles of the new salt. All the piles should be of equal amounts.

5. Offer a prayer along these lines:
“I pray that this salt is sanctified and turned into Holy Salt. This I report in the name of the (family name) Blessed Central Family.”

Note: If the person praying has not received the Blessing ceremony, it is suggested he/she would then pray in the name of the Three Kingships.

6. Sprinkle the seed Holy Salt on each of the seven piles of new salt using your right hand.

7. Mix the seed Holy Salt into each of the seven piles.

8. Mix all the piles together.

9. Final prayer (optional).

Note: If only a small quantity of the original seed Holy Salt is available, perform the above multiplication procedure more than once, thus making a greater quantity from the original seed Holy Salt.

1. Sanctify the instruments to be used with the Holy Salt.

2. Obtain the seed Holy Water.

3. Prepare water for multiplication of the new Holy Water.

4. Offer the initial prayer saying, “Now, I am going to multiply Holy Water.”

5. The seed Holy Water can be poured into the new water or vice versa. Also, perfume may be added to the water.

6. Offer a prayer saying, “I pray that this water becomes Holy Water that is used to externally purify in the Blessing ceremony. This I report in the name of the (family name) Blessed Central Family.”

Note: If the person praying has not received the Blessing ceremony, it is suggested he/she would then pray in the name of the Three Kingships.

1. The necessary instruments include:

• Pan (sterilized by boiling water before first use)
• Measuring cup
• Container to store Holy Wine (a sealed bottle)
• Ideally newly purchased items should be used

2. Purchase red wine. Brand does not matter.

3. Use Holy Salt to sanctify the instruments to be used and the new wine procured to multiply the Holy Wine.

4. Obtain Holy Wine to be used as the seed Holy Wine.

5. Offer a prayer for turning the new wine into Holy Wine. The contents of the prayer should include:

“Heavenly Father, turn this wine into Holy Wine so that by drinking it the original sin can be removed. I pray that those who drink it can be separated from the lineage of Satan, and transferred from lineage of Satan to lineage of God, and come under the authority of True Father. I pray that this wine is changed into Holy Wine. This I report in the name of the (family name) Blessed Central Family.”

Note: If the person praying has not received the Blessing ceremony, it is suggested he/she would then pray in the name of the Three Kingships.

6. Using the clean prepared container (a pan that has been sterilized with boiling water), pour the seed Holy Wine and the new wine into it. The mixing ratio is 4 parts of the seed Holy Wine and 6 parts of the new wine.

7. Offer a prayer of gratitude for being able to multiply Holy Wine.

8. Store the Holy Wine in a bottle.

Questions & Answers

All “blessing ceremonies” held by the Family Federation since True Father Rev Sung Myung Moons Seonghwa memorial in 2012 were not performed in unity with True Father’s Blessing Covenant. Feb. 22, 2013, which the Family Federation celebrates as “Foundation Day” was a day when Hak Ja Han disunited with True Father by abandoning the Blessing Covenant that he sacrificed for and purchased with his own blood. The blessing offered that day was not performed in unity with Father, or with his three times crowned heir and “representative body,” Hyung Jin Nim.

Click here to view the video.

For that reason, the blessing given that day did not bring any of the couples into the new lineage established by Father. In effect, the Blessed Central Families who participated in that blessing were deceived into placing themselves under a covenant outside of the lineage established by True Father which is God’s one true lineage.

The situation is particularly tragic for blessed children who succeeded in preserving their purity only to be defrauded by starting families without receiving God’s Holy Marriage Blessing.

They are victims and need to receive the Holy Marriage Blessing for Returning to True Father’s Authority by February 13, 2016. If they did not they all become 1st gen and need to go through the Holy Wine Ceremony, Blessing Ceremony to return to True Fathers Authority, Chastening Ceremony, 40 day separation and 3 day Ceremony.

Also any 2nd gen who falls become 1st gen (They cannot be restored to 2nd gen status) and need to go through Holy Wine Ceremony, Blessing Ceremony to return to True Fathers Authority, Chastening Ceremony, 40 day separation and 3 day Ceremony.

The Sexual Fall is between two people.

It could be:

1. Vaginal sex between a Man and Woman
2. Anal Sex between 2 people
3. Oral Sex between 2 people
4. Masturbation between 2 people

King’s ruling: No, the use of contraception is not a sin.

(This is in reference to “PR contacts, members’ parents, or Christians who remained in their groups or denominations but accepted True Father as a great teacher [actually there are hundreds of Christians blessed in this way]. Sometimes we don’t have their names, because they have received the blessing as a group in their church.”)

King’s ruling: These blessings should be counted as a “symbolic” blessing but not fully blessed couples that have their blood lineage changed. Father gave special grace for these “blessings.” They need to go through 40 days separation, 3 day ceremony, and chastening stick.

Flood the body with nutrient rich veggies that natural thin the blood which increases blood flow to all parts of the body. The build up of harmful plaque through poor diet and lack of exercise not only causes heart disease but also ED erectile dysfunction.

Both American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L.) and Asian Ginseng (P. Ginseng) are believed to provide an energy boost, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and treat sexual dysfunction in men.

Get off of all animal products (meat, chicken, dairy, cheese, yogurt, etc.) & onto basically a vegan diet, as well as exercise. It’s important that the exercise is intense for short bursts or better known as high intensity training.

The best way to get nutrient rich veggies / foods into your body is by having 40 oz. of green smoothie every morning. Here is a clip of me giving a demo;

Life starts at Conception

Genesis 25:21, “Now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife, because she was barren; and the Lord granted his plea, and Rebekah his wife conceived,” & Genesis 30:22-24, “Then God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her and opened her womb, and she conceived and bore a son, and said, ‘God has taken away my reproach.’ So she called his name Joseph, and said, ‘The Lord shall add to me another son.'”

According to The Bible, and also Science, life starts at conception (light explosion when Sperm and Egg meet). This is an amazing creation of a new little human being, God’s son or daughter, a new life. People are confused and think life starts at birth, but this is wrong. Abortion is the killing of innocent babies in the womb.

What is Miscarriage?

What are the first signs of a Miscarriage?

Signs and symptoms of a miscarriage include:

  • Spotting.
  • Vaginal bleeding that progresses from light to heavy.
  • Cramps.
  • Abdominal or back pain.
  • Fever.
  • Weakness.
  • Vomiting.

What Causes Miscarriage?

  • Infection.
  • Herbicides, pesticides and radiation in food, water and air.
  • Medical conditions in the mother, such as diabetes or thyroid disease.
  • Hormone problems.
  • Immune system responses.
  • Physical problems in the mother.
  • Uterine abnormalities.

My first baby almost became a miscarriage because  I was working too hard cleaning a big house and I started to bleed. I stayed in bed for two days and took a lot of Vitamin E, & then I slowed down in my work and had a healthy baby boy.

It is so painful to go through a miscarriage. If this happens, pray a lot and know spiritually that the baby is going to spirit world, so have a small Seong Hwa Ceremony for the baby. The baby will be raised in spirit world, so deliver the baby the best way you can.

How to prevent or stop Miscarriage

  • Good healthy food.
  • Supplements especially calcium & magnesium (for bones and muscles, & they also counteracts heavy metals like mercury)
  • Adequate calcium also helps with strength, energy, decision making, inventing, and good thought production.
  • Iron if needed (I had to take extra, I almost fainted one day and was so tired).
  • Vitamins E (is claimed to be good for the placenta) C, B, and A are all vitamins you and the baby need.

What not to eat or drink:

  • Coffee, smoking or alcohol.
  • Cut down on white sugar intake (use honey instead).
  • Eat brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Cut down on white flour, bread and cookies.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, as well as good meats without antibiotics (best if organic or grass fed).

May God guide you and protect you, & if you have more questions, email me at
Check out my Youtube ROI Kingdom Culture, where there are videos about child birth.

God Bless you,
Dorit Smith.

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