Principles of Matching

By Jim and Hiromi Stephens
Copyright December, 2015

The Original Ideal for Matching according to Divine Principle

Plan for Adam and Eve’s children.

For us, it is very helpful to constantly refer to the Divine Principle and especially the original plan for Adam and Eve. God had a plan. God was planning for the matching of their children from the beginning of time. Do you know what it was? By fulfilling the First Great Blessing and then receiving God’s Blessing of Marriage, Adam and Eve were to become the True Parents. Surely, God working through them would have matched their children.

This helps us understand the original design for order and relationships which we can try to apply to the process of arranging marriages for our children.

This booklet will present a paradigm for arranged marriages based on the Divine Principle concept called Portion of Responsibility. Starting with God’s Portion of Responsibility, then we’ll discuss ideas about parents’ responsibility, children’s responsibility, and others’ (helpers) responsibilities.

We believe that referring to the original design and attempting to follow it will give us the greatest chance of success.

Principles help clarify dysfunctions.

One of the really nice results of knowing the core principles is that you can know the roadmap to success. If something goes wrong, the principles will help explain what is the malfunction and why. Also, principles give us the ability to predict what the results will be off into the future.

As a simple example, suppose one of the parents will not participate in his/her role in the matching process. Clearly the original paradigm will not function in this case. This will cause a lot more challenges in the process.

If the parents quit on their responsibility and push the burden onto their children to take the whole responsibility, then that failure of responsibility has consequences into the lives of the children and future generations.

Where is your inspiration?

We all have problems, but focusing on your problems will make them bigger. As you read through the following sections, look for divine inspiration personalized for you and your situation. Look for the hope. Look for God’s Point of View. That is where there will be inspiration and understanding. Keep trying and keep asking God to help you.

God’s Portion of Responsibility